Yogendra Bahadur Adhikari

Yogendra Bahadur Adhikari, a distinguished senior lawyer in Nepal, possesses extensive experience in court practice and client representation across all courts. Elected as the chairperson of the Democratic Lawyer’s Association Nepal in 2018, his leadership is marked by a fusion of legal knowledge and practical experience, earning him the esteemed status of Senior Lawyer.

Adhikari engages in client representation across various civil and criminal cases, showcasing his expertise in advising on family, property, company, tax, and money laundering matters. His proficiency in litigation and court practice is complemented by a focus on taxation, where he provides valuable insights and guidance. In criminal cases, he demonstrates a depth of understanding, handling issues such as bribery and money laundering with finesse. Adhikari’s dedication to the legal field and his multifaceted skills make him a respected figure in Nepal’s legal community.

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