Santosh Tiwari

Advocate Santosh Tiwari, as the accomplished managing partner of WIPS Law Associates since 2010 AD, brings a wealth of experience to the legal forefront. His expertise spans negotiation, contracts review, due diligence, legal research, and corporate compliances, all guided by a commitment to fair practices, minimizing clients’ risk and liabilities. Tiwari has made significant contributions to various commercial sectors, particularly excelling in hospitality, company operations, foreign investments, and corporate compliances.

His dedication is underscored by his election to the central committee of the Nepal Bar Association in 2023.Active in the global legal arena, Tiwari has participated in key events such as the 15th Global Intellectual Property Convention and the World Intellectual Property Forum, focusing on the race to digital transformation.

Additionally, he enhanced his expertise through a training program on the role of forensic science in the criminal justice delivery system organized by the National Forensic Sciences University of the Government of India in 2023.Tiwari’s diverse practice areas include representing clients in criminal and civil cases, ensuring tax compliance, upholding labor standards, navigating foreign direct investment approval procedures, specializing in share investments, and conducting company assessments for long-term investments. His proficiency also extends to immigration law, offering comprehensive legal support in this complex domain.

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