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WIPS is a happy place to work. Our culture is non-hierarchal, furthered by complete transparency at work. We believe and sustain work life balance and provide a stimulating environment to our teammates for professional growth.

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Client Service
WIPS has been recognized across various Indian and International platforms for its consistent performance, outstanding work and commitment to clients over the years.

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We are a multi-disciplinary mix of investigators, lawyers, researchers, engineers who work seamlessly to deliver high level of service while being flexible, open-minded and creative in all areas of business.

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Over the last 10 years, we have handled more than 1000 IP infringement and counterfeit cases in a wide range of industry sectors. Our success rate, in both preliminary injunction applications and final judgment, is over 90%.

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WIPS Law Associates Pvt. Ltd. formarly known as Worldwide Intellectual Property Solutions provides a full range of services to assist clients with cost-effective legal protection for intellectual property in Nepal.It is one of the best law firm in Nepal. WIPS have significant knowledge to provide Trademark Registration in Nepal, Design Registration in Nepal and Patent registration in Nepal and other neighbouring countries.

Our services encompass all elements of intellectual property from registration and renewal to protection and litigation. Our group of Trademark Attorney has extensive experience in protecting our clients' brands through the registration of trademarks procedure, renewal of trademark, licensing and franchising of trademark in Nepal and several other countries. WIPS Nepal provides a full service of IP advising more than one thousand clients over the world on their trademark, patent, design, infringement and unfair competition.

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WIPS remains committed to facilitate our clients with regards to any of the intellectual property matters in Nepal. We promise our valuable clients that we not only make sure of the registration of your intellectual property but also keep you informed of the renewal time an other further procedure in it.

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We combine our specialist legal knowledge, deep commercial understanding, and extensive local expertise to deliver the best results for our clients.

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Patent Registration Process in Nepal | WIPS Law Associates

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Copyright Registration in Nepal | WIPS law Associates

Copyright Registration in Nepal | WIPS law Associates

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