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Tax law govern the matters relating to  imposing tax and tax exemption on various grounds. The Constitution (2072) has set out standard to impose tax complying with the provision of Act. Tax is a big hurdle for the operation of companies and industries in Nepal for its multiple registration system and changing dynamics. Tax compliance is a major focus in every organizations since government authority has power to claim the property of tax payer and can file case tax payer in District Court of Nepal.

Local Level Government levy 8 types of tax (property tax, land tax, house rent tax, private/ partnership firm registration and renewal tax, entertainment tax, land lease tax and others) and five service charges (parking, trekking and rafting, service, tourism tax). Municipalities as well as concerned governmental bodies also levy tax in various works such as registration of various companies and industries. 

WIPS Law Associates specialize in diverse aspects of tax law, addressing issues such as tax liabilities within companies, fines, tax exemptions, compliance matters related to tax clearance, royalty, and double tax avoidance. We offer comprehensive services that encompass negotiation and arbitration. Particularly in Nepal, the firm ensures excellence in handling tax exemption filling, pleading, claims, counterclaims and other related legal processes. We are expertise to navigate complex tax scenario and advocating for our clients in matters of tax law compliances and exemptions within the Nepalese content. 

Our services in  tax law includes (i) compliances on tax payments, tax liabilities and tax exemptions (ii) advisory role in tax structuring in various private and public companies of Nepal (iii) filing for tax clearance certificate, fines (iv) advisory on matters of tax exemptions, (v) registration of companies PAN/VAT registration in all concerned authorities.

To know more about tax law in Nepal and our services please write to us at or book your appointment on +977-1-5907498. 

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