Immigration Law

  • Immigration law governs matters relating to visa approvals, work permit, trekking approvals, mountaineering approvals and restriction of illegal substances. Visa approval is a player in investment sector for its representation of industry registration, importation of Nepalese manufactured local products and investment approved investors are major activities to welcome investments in Nepal. On the other hand, border and national security has following with compliances, misuse of visa, crimes especially tax evasion, cybercrimes are challenges for immigration law. 

Our practice areas of immigration law includes; 

    • Business visa, 

    • Non-Residential Nepalese visa and renewal , 

    • Visa compliances, 

    • Trekking business, 

    • Foreign investment, 

    • Work permit and security of service, 

    • Litigation in cases related to illegal substances and many more.

We provide services in immigration law such as ; (ii) Compliances related to staying in Nepal by business visa, tourist visa and others, national security,  work permit (iii) advise and management on matters of  foreign  investment, safe boarders, liabilities (iii) represent immigrants to assist in  courts and quasi-judicial like department of immigration. 

To know more about immigration law and our services please write to us at or contact us at +977-1-590798.

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