Non Resident Nepalese

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Non Resident Nepalese

Status of Non Resident Nepalese in Nepal

"Non-resident Nepali" means a foreign citizen of Nepalese origin and this term also includes a Nepalese citizen residing abroad. The term "non-resident Nepali also refers as a person of Nepal origin holding foreign citizenship other than SAARC. (Non-Residential Nepali Act, 2064 Section 2(a) (b).

Non-resident Nepali citizenship is ensured under Article 14 of the Constitution of Nepal (2072) which clearly refers that the citizenship may be so granted to a person with economic, social and cultural rights in accordance with the federal law which must meet following criteria:

  1. Acquired the citizenship of a foreign country
  2. Has resided in a country other than a Member State of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation,
  3. who or whose father or mother, grandfather or grandmother was previously a citizen of Nepal by decent or birth but subsequently acquired the citizenship of the foreign country

NRN has right to invest in Nepal. Recently Citizenship Bill has published in Nepal Gazette on Jestha 17, 2079 under which the status of NRN in Nepal has ensured economic, social and cultural rights as well. The Bill has included the provision to provide Non-Resident Nepali citizenship to Non-Resident Nepali.

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