Nepal has various law enforcing judicial bodies which includes regular courts (Supreme Court, High Court Patan and District Court), special court, administrative court and labor courts, tribunals such as Foreign Employment Tribunal, Debt Recovery Tribunal, Debt Recovery Appeal Tribunal, quasi-judicial bodies such as Land Revenue Department, Department of Industries/Office of Company’s Registrar etc. Also there are Judicial Committees formed in each municipality and ward office under the Local Government Operation Act, 2074.

WIPS Law Associates is a leading law firm in Nepal. We provide litigation services in commercial, civil and criminal cases. We have experienced team of advocates who have well equipped to handle cases in all courts of Nepal, as well as quasi-judicial bodies, Special Court and tribunals. In matters of Litigation our services includes (i) Client Counselling (ii) drafting lawsuits, appeal complaint (iii) Filing case in judicial as well as quasi judicial bodies (iv) Pleading (v) Judgment enforcement Assistance. 

We have experienced lawyers  to handle ases, carry out legal incvestigation and client’s representation in following domains: 

  • Trademark 
  • Family Law
  • Property Law
  • Company Law 
  • Tax Law

If you have any inquiries please write to us at or contact us at +977-1-590798

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