Intellectual Property Law

In Nepalese Legal System, the protection of Intellectual property is wholly depends upon its registration in competent authority. Intellectual Property law has a territorial nature, regardless where the formula or patent, or trademarks were registered, it must be registered in Nepal to use it in territory of Nepal lawfully . Patent, industrial design, trademark, copyright are protected under intellectual property law. The use of unregistered IP is illegal and may be liable to fine. Nepalese legislation have recognized registration of local IP and International IPs. Notably, Nepal has not recognized the regional IP registration.

Patent, Design and Trade Mark Act, 2022 (1965), and Copyright Act, 2059 (2002) are the major laws which governs matters of intellectual property. Other IP related laws includes Competition Promotion and Market Protection Act, 2063 (2007), Copyright Rules, 2061(200), Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act, 2049 (1992), Consumer Protection Act, 2054 (1998) and National Broadcasting Act, 2049 (1993).

WIPS Law Associates is law firm known for Intellectual Property services in Nepal. We provide a complete legal services which is result-oriented and impactful to your business pathways. We have well equipped lawyers who assist you in legal hurdles concerning IPRs. WIPS Law Associates has been practicing in areas of IP law such as registration and deregistration, renewal, transfer of ownership, franchise agreement, negotiations, litigation since a decade.

Our services in Intellectual property sector includes; (i) Advisory Services on matters of registration and protection of Industries, (ii) documentation and filing for Registration, De-registration and Renewal of IP matters, (iii) Draft and Amendment on Transfer of IPR, and franchise agreement (iv) client’s representation in court and quasi judicial bodies such as Department of Industries (v) Judgement Enforcement Support, (vi) IP Investigation and follow up on matters of trademark and copyright

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